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Predictions for the 68th Annual Golden Globes

Let me be the first to welcome you to this humble blog, as this is the very first post! And what better way to christen this ambitious endeavor than to post predictions for tonight's Golden Globes ceremony! Awards season is pretty much my bread and butter, so without further ado I present to you List Entertainment's predictions for the 68th Annual Golden Globes:

Best Motion Picture-Drama

-Black Swan
-The Fighter
-The King's Speech
-The Social Network

Prediction: Black Swan. Between Aronofsky's skilled directing and leading lady Portman's flawless character immersion, this movie is a perfect example of a Best Picture winner.

Best Actress-Drama

-Halle Berry-Frankie and Alice
-Nicole Kidman- Rabbit Hole
-Jennifer Lawrence- Winter's Bone
-Natalie Portman- Black Swan
-Michelle Williams- Blue Valentine

Prediction: Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Portman's performance is the stuff of legend, blurring the line between actor and character so thoroughly that, through the movie, Natalie Portman no longer existed, only her character. A truly stunning performance.

Best Actor- Drama

-Jesse Eisenberg- The Social Network
-Colin Firth- The King's Speech
-James Franco- 127 Hours
-Ryan Gosling- Blue Valentine
-Mark Wahlberg- The Fighter

Prediction: This is a tough call, and I would have to narrow it down to Jesse Eisenberg or James Franco. Eisenberg delivered a performance of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg that intrigued the masses of social networking junkies, while Franco took on Aron Ralston; a man who cut off his arm to survive after becoming trapped in a ravine. Both actors' portrayals, while vastly different, inspired huge praise from critcs and fans alike. But enough chat, time to get serious. Final answer: Jesse Eisenberg.

Best Picture- Comedy

-Alice in Wonderland
-The Kids Are All Right
-The Tourist

Prediction: Red. Original plot, tons of actions, and Helen Mirren packing serious heat. Red is not only entertaining, but very witty and exciting to experience.

Best Actress- Comedy

-Annette Bening- The Kids Are All Right
-Anne Hathaway- Love and Other Drugs
-Angelina Jolie- The Tourist
-Julianne Moore- The Kids Are All Right
-Emma Stone- Easy A

Prediction: Annette Benning. Delivering a relatable and heartfelt performance as a lesbian mother dealing with her children's questions about their biological father, Bening tugs the heartsrtings and elevates the quirky movie to a level that truly hits home.

Best Actor- Comedy

-Johnny Depp- Alice in Wonderland
-Johnny Depp- The Tourist
-Paul Giamatti- Barney's Version
-Jake Gyllenhaal- Love and Other Drugs
-Kevin Spacey- Casino Jack

Prediction: Johhny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Before seeing this film, I was highly skeptical that I would enjoy any part of it. Maybe it's the movie snob in me, but any time Hot Topic goes all out to promote a movie, I generally place it in the "Whatever" file in my mind. However, thanks to movies on demand, I pulled this up on a whim and was blown away. Depp's Mad Hatter is both terrifying and endearing, and keeps you engaged throughout the entire performance.

Best Supporting Actress

-Amy Adams- The Fighter
-Helena Bonham Carter- The King's Speech
-Mila Kunis- Black Swan
-Melissa Leo- The Fighter
-Jacki Weaver- Animal Kingdom

Prediciton: Mila Kunis. I know, I know. "Are you serious? You obviously are biased towards Black Swan. Blah blah blah..." Guess what? Kunis' Lily delivered the perfect foil to Portman's neurotic Nina, and the two together were sublime. Out of all of these deserving actresses, Kunis has shown that she has talent beyond measure, and her performance is worth of the Globe.

Best Supporting Actor

-Christian Bale- The Fighter
-Michael Douglas- Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
-Andrew Garfield- The Social Network
-Jeremy Renner- The Town
-Geoffrey Rush- The King's Speech

Prediction: Christian Bale. Playing off of Wahlberg's intensity, Bale delivers a performance that would make Sanford Meisner proud.

Best Animated Feature

-Despicable Me
-How to Train Your Dragon
-The Illusionist
-Toy Story 3

Prediciton: Toy Story 3. Pixar's final installment in the Toy Story franchise is worthy of an overall Best Picture nomination. A flawless movie, start to finish,

Best Director- Motion Picture

-Darren Aronofsky- Black Swan
-David Fincher- The Social Network
-Tom Hooper- The King's Speech
-Christopher Nolan- Inception
-David O. Russell- The Fighter

Prediciton: Christopher Nolan. Nolan created an entire world within a world within a world the making of this film. He shocked and amazed audiences while elevating what cinema is capable of to a new level.

Best Screenplay- Motion Picture

-Simon Beaufoy, Danny Boyle- 127 Hours
-Christopher Nolan- Inception
-Stuart Blumberg, Lisa Cholodenko- The Kids Are All Right
-David Seidler- The King's Speech
-Aaron Sorkin- The Social Network

Prediction: Christopher Nolan. See above.

Best Original Score

-Alexandre Desplat- The King's Speech
-Danny Elfman- Alice in Wonderland
-A.R. Rahman- 127 Hours
-Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross- The Social Network
-Hans Zimmer- Inception

Prediciton: Hans Zimmer for Inception. Zimmer adds another fantasic score to his repetoire by adding intense and mind-racing symphonies to the already intense action of the film.

Best TV Actor- Drama
-Steve Buscemi- Boardwalk Empire
-Bryan Cranston- Breaking Bad
-Michael C. Hall- Dexter
-Jon Hamm-Mad Men
-Hugh Laurie- House

Prediciton: Michael C. Hall. Hall has been consistent and endearing as a serial pretty much anybody who can make a serial killer endearing deserves some sort of praise. Hall was the Globe winner last season as well, and I think he has proven he deserves it again this year.

Best Television Series- Comedy or Musical
-30 Rock
-The Big Bang Theory
-The Big C
-Modern Family
-Nurse Jackie

Prediciton: Okay. Confession session: I love 30 Rock with every fiber of my being. I practically worship Tina Fey. So it pains me to say that I think Modern Family will beat it for best series. Sorry, Tina.

Best TV Comedy Actress
-Toni Collette- United States of Tara
-Edie Falco- Nurse Jackie
-Tina Fey- 30 Rock
-Laura Linney- The Big C
-Lea Michelle- Glee

Prediciton: Toni Collette in United States of Tara. Collette's portrayal of the perpetually conflicted Tara is one of the best performances I've seen in a tv series OR a movie. Again, sorry Tina.

Best TV Comedy Actor
-Alec Baldwin- 30 Rock
-Steve Carrell- The Office
-Thomas Jane- Hung
-Matthew Morrison- Glee
-Jim Parsons- The Big Bang Theory

Prediciton: Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock. Baldwin is endlessly witty and hilarious as the conservative and emotionless Jack Donaghy. One of the best performances on TV today.

Best Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie
-The Pacific
-Pillars of the Earth
-Temple Grandin
-You Don't Know Jack

Predicition: Temple Grandin. A heartwrenching (and subsequently heartwarming) movie about an autistic woman who endures endless struggles to become a huge influence in modern society. Not only eye-opening, but entertaining as well.

Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie
-Hayley Atwell- Pillars of the Earth
-Claire Danes- Temple Grandin
-Judi Dench- Return to Cranford
-Romola Garai- Emma
-Jennifer Love Hewitt- The Client List

Prediciton: Claire Danes as Temple Grandin. An absorbing and shockingly accurate performance from Danes is more than worthy of the win.

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie
-Idris Elba- Luther
-Ian McShane- Pillars of the Earth
-Al Pacino- You Don't Know Jack
-Dennis Quaid- The Special Relationship
-Edgar Ramirez- Carlos

Prediction: Al Pacino in You Don't Know Jack. Pacino plays the infamous Jack Kevorkian in this HBO drama, diving into the mind of a killer that some call heroic, and others a monster.

Best Supporting Actress
-Hope Davis- The Special Relationship
-Jane Lynch- Glee
-Kelly MacDonald- Boardwalk Empire
-Julia Stiles- Dexter
-Sofia Vergara- Modern Family

Prediction: Sofia Vergara in Modern Family. In the show that has charmed the nation, Vergara delivers an ever-humorous character performance as her (real life) star continues to rise.

Best Supporting Actor
-Scott Caan- Hawaii Five-O
-Chris Colfer- Glee
-Chris Noth- The Good Wife
-Eric Stonestreet- Modern Family
-Davis Strathairn- Temple Grandin

Prediciton: Chris Colfer in Glee. The singing sensation continues to shine amongst his primetime peers, entertaining audiences young and old across the country.

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