Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 10 Judd Apatow Movies

Judd Apatow will write a direct a spinoff to 2007's Knocked Up, it was recently announced.

Apatow told Screen Junkies that the story will revolve around Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd's relationship and will feature characters from the original movie. He cited his history with television that developed his interest in telling the same storyline from multiple points of view.

Apatow's new screenplay would add to a long list of classic comedies in which Apatow either wrote, directed, or had a hand in production.

Top 10 Judd Apatow Movies

10. Funny People (Director, Writer, Producer)
9. Heavyweights (Writer, Producer)
8. Pineapple Express (Producer) 
7. Talladega Nights (Producer)
6. The Cable Guy (Producer)
5. Step Brothers (Producer)
4. Knocked Up (Director, Writer, Producer)
3. Anchorman (Producer)
2. Superbad (Producer)
1. The 40 Year Old Virgin (Director, Writer, Producer)

Honorable Mention: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, Walk Hard.

*List contributed by Mike Cranney.


  1. superbad and anchor man should be switched

  2. Funny People should be number 5